<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/19/07/33/171017043658.jpg?t=1529783454"><br>This gorgeous RV Porthome has just the right amount of space for comfortable living and hobbies. The covered parking for your RV and vehicle is approx. 65 ft long. The huge courtyard has a pergola and outdoor kitchen making it perfect for entertaining. The large beautifully landscaped backyard has native plants, citrus trees, a pergola and a water feature make for a soothing retreat. Inside, this home is beautifully designed. Plus there's a finished workshop and hobby space! The community blends upscale living with heated pools, private clubhouse and fitness center with miles of hike and bike trails and over 3000 acres of surrounding parks and wildlife lands. Added features are dog parks, organic garden space, private shooting range and complete woodshop.<br>